Hey DC, VA, MD Metro Area!
Let us do the cookin’,
while you do the hustlin’!

Dopeness can be convenient, nutritious, and delicious.
Whether you’re a fitness competitor,
on a diet, a busy mother, always traveling,
or you simply want to live your healthiest, DOPEST life,
meals of dopeness has your back!

Our meals come freshly prepared and individually packaged.
Ditch the grocery list and apron, there's no cooking, no stress, no mess, and no hassle!
Just heat it up, and eat it up.

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition. We have nutritionally balanced meals conveniently delivered to your door, so that you can spend your time doing the things that make you DOPE!

No BS. Always fresh, never frozen. Whole Foods, no preservatives. Just. For. YOU.



meet your chef!

As a personal trainer and all-natural bodybuilding bikini competitor, Chef Dopeness refused to accept that eating healthy had to be boring.
Throughout her own #journeytodopeness she found a way to spice up her food, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. By keeping it colorful, healthy, and delicious enough to help her reach her goals of finding her DOPENESS!



True to this life? This option is for the more seasoned individual. Are you #teameatclean & on the go? This option gives you the freedom to create your own meal plan directly from our tasty menu. You can pick new meals to fit your mood & goals every week! Each meal contains approximately 350 calories, 4oz protein, 4oz veggie, and 3oz carb.


New to this life? Looking to turn a new leaf? Ready to live your best, healthiest life, and begin your #journeytodopeness? If you need a little more guidance with your nutrition, have us create a custom meal plan for you, after a dietary consultation. Developed from the foods you already enjoy, and those needed to meet your goals.

Get your first meal plan for just $99, along with our Keys to Dopeness e-book –a direct guide to counting those macros, free!


Fitness Competitor or on a custom diet? Send us your meal plan, let us know how many meals you need and how many days, and let us do the prepping!

Base price is $13.50 per meal, after the first ten, you save! Email us to set up a consultation and make your journey a little less stressful.

By The Pound (BTP): All items on our menu are available by the pound. Need something you don’t see on there? Let us know!