Who are meals of dopeness for?

Meals of dopeness (MOD) are for your every day go-getter. The individual that aspires to live their best and healthiest life so they be their dopest self but their schedule is a little short on time. Meal prepping can be time consuming & at times intimidating so having the option to have a tool that fuels you as you take in your day of bad-assery while providing you with one less thing to worry about- your meal prep. Here is where the MOD team comes in to make your life a lot less stressful and allows you to operate in your dopest capacity!

How much does a meal cost?

  • Standard meal costs $12.50/each, we have a 10 meal minimum, but the more meals you get, the more you save!
    After the first 10 meals, you can order in increments of 5.
    10 meals = 2 meals / 5 days = $12.50 each
    15 meals = 3 meals / 5 days = $12.00 each
    20 meals = 4 meals / 5 days = $11.50 each
    25 meals = 5 meals / 5 days = $11.00 each

    Should you need a custom amount of meals, i.e. 12, 21, 28 please email us directly and we will be happy to accommodate!

  • By The Pound (BTP) options

    Every item on our menu is available BTP, great for feeding large parties, traveling, and competition prep!
    Proteins- $12 (steak and salmon-$17)
    Veggies and carbs - $10

    Need something you don’t see on our menu? i.e. 99% ground turkey, carrots… etc. just let us know!

 So, I can choose 10 different meals?

Nope! Actually, 10 meals would provide you with lunch & dinner for 5 days, so you would select one lunch, & one dinner option from our menu. Each meal would consist of a protein, a veggie, and a carb which equates to approximately 350 calories, with 4oz protein, 4oz veggie, 3oz carb.

Again, each 5 meals is one different combo.

Example: Combo= 1 choice of protein, 1 choice of veggie, 1 choice of carb (double up on veggies also is an option)

What if I’m vegetarian and/or have eating restrictions?

We do offer a custom menu option! We are able to accommodate to most lifestyles. That would be part of our Journey to Dopeness package, after a consultation, we would create a custom meal-plan/menu just for you which caters to your dietary needs. For more info on this please email our chef at [email protected] 

I’m in prep for a bodybuilding competition, can you cook according to my meal plan?

Absolutely! We get it! Prep is a drain as it is, shopping, cooking, portioning can be such a pain but we know, without your nutrition on point, you won’t look your best. Not only will MOD make your prep a little bit easier, but we’ll make your prep yummier than you would’ve imagined prep food to taste! Just send your meal plan to [email protected], let us know which meals and for how many days you need them prepped, and we will do the rest! One less thing to worry about, and now you’ll have prep food you can actually look forward to eating! 

Is it a monthly subscription?

Nope! We mainly work on a weekly basis, so no need to worry about a monthly subscription.

When do I place my order, and do I pick up or do you deliver?

We cook on Wednesdays and Sundays, to ensure freshness of the food and pick up is the same day. Orders must be Fridays by 4pm.

You have the option to pick-up from our kitchen, located at 1369 New York Ave, NE W.DC 20002, or, we have a great and reliable delivery service! 0-15 miles is $15, and $1 for every additional mile. (max 60 miles) We deliver it directly to your door, gym, or place of work!

Why is it a 10 meal minimum?

Minimum order of 10 allows us to  support you in getting in enough nutrients throughout your day! Unfortunately we tend to under-eat, especially when weight loss is our goal. 



a la cart dopeness meal-prep: You build your own meal plan- a more hands off approach from the MOD team. As mentioned, every 5 meals is 1 combo- with 10 meals you get 2 choices of protein, 2 choices of carbs & 2 choices of veggies. At 15 meals you would get 3 choices of each, etc..

customized dopeness meal-prep: Whether prepping for a bodybuilding show, a powerlifting meet, or just have a meal plan provided to you by your nutritionist or coach? Send us your meal plan, and let us do the prepping!

Base price is $13.50 per meal, after the first ten, you save! Email us to set up a consultation and make your journey a little less stressful.

BTP: All items on our menu are available by the pound. Need something you don’t see on there? Let us know!

journey to dopeness meal-prep: This is the option where MOD team creates a custom meal plan for you according to your goals that will accommodate your lifestyle. With a one time $99 payment, you would receive your custom meal plan, a copy of the Chef’s ebook, ‘Keys to dopeness: your guide to counting macros’ - because we believe in teaching a (wo)man to fish, you would have weekly check-ins as well to track your progress, for as long as you continue with the meal service.

Your meals may vary around $12.50. Once plan is created we can discuss which meals we prepare for you and for how many days.

We would also have weekly check-ins to monitor progress, & allow us to know when to make any necessary adjustments to meal plan.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need specific accommodations, we are happy to oblige!!