Meals of Dopeness, established in 2016 by Christina Maria Ruiz, aka, our beloved Chef Dopeness, is one of the DMV's premiere meal prep and catering companies. Born of equal parts passion and experience, MOD's mission can be found in our promise to deliver convenience, nutrition and delicious food.

As a fitness trainer and all-natural bodybuilding bikini competitor, Chef Dopeness found that many of her clients face the same issues that she once faced, struggling to find time to meal prep, and when time wasn't an issue, the lack of flavor in the meals were. 

Using what she learned from her work in nutrition, and the flavors that were derived from her family’s traditional Mexican food, Christina set out to help all her clients feed their souls, fuel their bodies & ultimately find their dopeness.  One happy and healthy tummy at a time, MOD is breaking the myth that eating healthy has to suck, and that reaching our health & fitness goals can be convenient, nutritious, AND delicious!